Praxis Europe

Praxis Europe (PE) is a community training organisation, who is passionate about improving lives of disadvantaged people in Birmingham, especially young people (YP), BME women, disabled people  and unemployed adults living in Birmingham. 

We promote and actively engage local clients through the use of  sports, fitness, healthy living, culture and creativity that then leads them to education and skills development and employment. Our motto is “Ideas into Action”. 

Our vision is to support, train and teach marginalized and disadvantaged groups to find their voice, to be healthy, to learn and develop new skills that will help them to become positive contributors to society.  We seek to expand peoples horizons through a positive active action led dialogue that leads to their re-engagement with mainstream options (education, training and employment).

PE is an experienced European project developer and promoter, having managed a significant number of EU projects over the last 5 years. Our work shows our commitment to meeting the needs of our community, whilst providing a high quality service that meets local, national and European priorities in full compliance of programme and financial regulations.  

We work with all the local community to improve the life chances and to develop services that meet their needs. Ultimately it’s about engaging hard to reach ghettoized communities and improving their educational levels and employment prospects. 

We hope by educating our local communities that we will address the levels of deprivation that they face and ensure that they can equip themselves to move out of poverty.  We see the use of innovative adult learning as a process that can improve lives and give our clients hope to move away from social welfare.