Romanian Spinal Cord Society (RoSCoS) is a NGO that was founded and started functioning respectively, in successive stages - according to the legal steps required by the Romanian laws - in 2007. 

RoSCoS was established from objective necessity for additional contributions (beside” classical"  institutional activities on medical and scientific research line) but also under academic aspect for improving knowledge and thus efficiency in achieving the actions of information/ prevention, namely of care giving, therapy and rehabilitation in spinal cord pathology - para- and tetra-plegia  being some of the most invalidating conditions (not coincidentally, the wheelchair symbol is regarded at international level, as a "mark" of disability/ handicap).

The society is affiliated to the European Spinal Cord Injury Federation (ESCIF) and International Spinal Cord Organisation Society (ISCOS).

RoSCoS was implicated since 2007 in co-organizing of some important national and international medical conferences and congresses and also has international participations (through members of RoSCoS - including with appropriate works/ scientific research projects/ collaboration agreements/ cooperation proposals) to specific medical manifestations.

In 2012 - The RoSCoS President Prof. G. Onose and Vice-President, Assist Prof. A. Anghelescu have been invited by the Leadership - the Education Committee - of International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) - to participate to an educational initiative, launched in 4th September 2012 by ISCoS "", a web (  ) based educational resource on "Comprehensive Management of Spinal Cord Injuries" and contribute in 4 modules/ sub-modules of ongoing ample  project ”E-Learning for Spinal Cord Injury Health Professionals”.

Contact address: Teaching Emergency Hospital "Bagdasar-Arseni", Berceni Av., No.12, postal code: 041915, 4th Sector, Bucharest, Romania